Went before Mosier Oregon City Council May1.  The three proposals for temporary public art will be considered after the Budget Comittee meets in two weeks.

"Ladders Rising" New Ladder Art Proposed For Mosier Oregon’s Centennial

Three proposals for temporary ladders art have been brought to the City Council to help celebrate Mosier’s Centennial in 2014.


The celebration is planned to begin in April 2014.


Three proposals for temporary art installation to celebrate Mosier’s Centennial in 2014 have been

Good-Fruit-Grower-2013-pg-3-web Good-Fruit-Grower-cover-2013-web Good-Fruit-Grower-Winter-2013-pg.1http://www.goodfruit.com

Click the link to see the great follow-up story Good Fruit Grower Magazine ran on the Running Fruit Ladders Project.

The first story on the “Large Art Celebrating Small Farms” ran in Dec. 2010 and helped bring in the ladder donations to make the project happen! This story has photos of the three installations and some of the volunteers and a great job of reporting the ups and downs of putting together such a large scale art project.





Geraldine Warner, editor at Good Fruit Grower Magazine, say they plan to do a follow up story soon on the Running Fruit Ladders art installation.  GFG magazine originally ran a story in the December 2010 issue, when the large scale art project celebrating small farms was in the planning stages.

Three installations were completed in 2011 in the Columbia River Gorge, near major highways.  The 1/2 mile long installations of colorful ladders celelbrating locally grown food and small farms were up for a total of 16 weeks.

The follow up story will have photographs of the installations.

Michael Peterson Photo copyright 2010Image

The Running Fruit Ladders are out scouting for new locations and farm groups to promote.Image

Ladders Installation

Volunteers helped primer and paint ladders before installation

Running Fruit Ladders 2011

See the ladders painted and installed in the Columbia River Gorge.  A big thank you to all the volunteers and supporters!

The ladders are now down from the 3rd and last installation of 2011, which was at the Discovery Center Museum in The Dalles.  The first was at Pine Grove, Hood River, along

Mark Cherniak and Ladders

This is half of the ladders - about 50

Highway 35.  The second was along I-84, 1 mile east of the Mosier (exit 69) turnoff.

The colorful ladders are now tucked away in a very nice warm barn n Mosier for the winter.  Thank you Mark and Suzi!

Thanks to all those wonderful volunteers who helped on this project!  We couldn’t have done it without you.

Next year we are planning two more installations in the Gorge, if we can get the funding.

See  www.facebook.com/ladderartforfarms and http://www.maherart.com for more information on the project.

John Maher

Artist and Project Manager

On Saturday, September 24 the 100 colorful orchard ladders will be moving from their Mosier Oregon Location to the Discovery Center in The Dalles at 12:00 noon. If you would like to help take the first turnoff to The Dalles and follow the signs to the Discovery Center. All volunteers will receive a free poster. Refreshments will be available.

Call john at 541-478-0171 with questions.

Mosier Installation

Large Art Celebrating Small Farms

Just checked the first proof of the new poster and it is looking very good!  There is artwork of ladders as a centerpiece and of course, a sub-title of “Celebrating Small Family Farms”.

We do need some sponsors’ names at the bottom however. Check the web site if you would like to know more or make a donation.

Thank you all who have donated time and materials to this project so far.  Summer 2011 is starting to look a whole lot closer now.


Running Fruit Ladders Poster